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dc.contributor.authorPirgozliev Ven_US
dc.contributor.authorAcamovic Ten_US
dc.contributor.authorBedford MRen_US
dc.description.abstract1. A precision feeding experiment was conducted with turkeys, which had previously been fed diets with or without phytase, to study the effects on the excretions of endogenous energy (EEL), nitrogen (ENL), amino acids (EAAL) and minerals. 2. Female turkeys (BUT 6) which had been fed one of 4 experimental diets (low P maize-soya diets (control, C), C + 250 international units of phytase/kg diet (FTU), C + 500 FTU and C + 2500 FTU) were used in this study. All birds were fasted and then given 50 mL of glucose solution at 46 d of age. Birds were allocated to individual metabolism cages in a randomised block design with 8 replicates for each of the 4 previously-fed diets. 3. The response of EEL and ENL to phytase pre-exposure was linear. An increase of 100 FTU reduced the EEL and ENL by approximately 1·6 kJ and 20 mg respectively. The results suggest that a minimum activity of phytase of 500 FTU is needed to initiate the reduction of these losses. 4. Pre-exposure to phytase reduced the EAAL, which was best described as a linear response with increasing phytase dose in the pre-study period. An increase of 100 FTU reduced the losses of total endogenous amino acids by approximately 225 mg. 5. In contrast to the results for endogenous energy losses, turkeys pre-exposed to phytase linearly increased their excretions of Ca and Mg with increasing phytase activity in the pre-study period. 6. The effects of feeding turkeys with supplementary phytase continued for at least 4 d after the diets were withdrawn. This suggests that exposure to phytase alters the functionality and secretions of the gastrointestinal tract, which may influence the nutritive value of diets fed immediately after.
dc.relation.ispartofBritish Poultry Scienceen_US
dc.titleThe effect of previous exposure to dietary microbial phytase on the endogenous excretions of energy, nitrogen and minerals from turkeysen_US

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