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  • The effect of N fertilizer forms on nitrous oxide emissions from UK arable land and grassland 

    Smith KA; Dobbie KE; Thorman R; Watson CJ; Chadwick DR; Yamulki S; Ball BC (2012)
    Nitrous oxide emission factors (EFs) were calculated from measurements of emissions from UK wheat crops and grassland, that were part of a wider research programme on N loss pathways and crop responses. Field studies were ...
  • UK emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide 

    Skiba UM; Jones SK; Dragosits U; Drewer J; Fowler D; Rees RM; Pappa VA; Cardenas L; Chadwick D; Yamulki S; Manning AJ (2012)
    Signatories of the Kyoto Protocol are obliged to submit annual accounts of their anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, which include nitrous oxide (N2O). Emissions from the sectors industry (3.8 Gg), energy (14.4 Gg), ...