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  • Early indicators of tail biting outbreaks in pigs 

    Wedin M; Baxter EM; Jack MC; Futro A; D'Eath RB (2018)
    Tail biting outbreaks in pig farming cause suffering through pain and stress, and producers lose revenue due to carcass condemnation. Reliable behavioural indications of when an outbreak is imminent would provide farmers ...
  • Tail posture predicts tail biting outbreaks at pen level in weaner pigs 

    Lahrmann HP; Hansen CF; D'Eath RB; Busch ME; Forkman B (Elsevier, 2017)
    Detecting a tail biting outbreak early is essential to reduce the risk of pigs getting severe tail damage. A few previous studies suggest that tail posture and behavioural differences can predict an upcoming outbreak. The ...