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  • Ecological network analysis reveals the inter-connection between soil biodiversity and ecosystem function as affected by land use across Europe 

    Creamer RE; Hannula SE; Van Leeuwen JP; Stone D; Rutgers M; Schmelz RM; de Ruiter PC; Bohse Hendriksen N; Bolger T; Bouffaud ML; Buee M; Carvalho F; Costa D; Dirilgen T; Francisco R; Griffiths BS; Griffiths R; Martin F; Martins da Silva P; Mendes S; Morais PV; Pereira C; Philippot L; Plassart P; Redecker D; Rombke J; Sousa JP; Wouterse M; Lemanceau P (2016)
    Soil organisms are considered drivers of soil ecosystem services (primary productivity, nutrient cycling, carbon cycling, water regulation) associated with sustainable agricultural production. Soil biodiversity was highlighted ...
  • The practicalities and pitfalls of establishing a policy-relevant and cost-effective soil biological monitoring scheme 

    Faber JH; Creamer RE; Mulder C; Rombke J; Rutgers M; Sousa JP; Stone D; Griffiths BS (2013)
    A large number of biological indicators have been proposed over the years for assessing soil quality. Although many of those have been applied in monitoring schemes across Europe, no consensus exists on the extent to which ...
  • Selecting cost effective and policy-relevant biological indicators for European monitoring of soil biodiversity and ecosystem function 

    Griffiths BS; Rombke J; Schmelz R; Scheffczyk A; Faber J; Bloem J; Peres G; Cluzeau D; Chabbi A; Suhadolc M; Sousa P; Martins da Silva P; Carvalho F; Mendes S; Morais P; Francisco R; Pereira C; Bonkowski M; Geisen S; Bardgett R; de Vries F; Bolger T; Dirilgen T; Schmidt O; Winding A; Hendriksen N; Johansen A; Philippot L; Plassart P; Bru D; Thompson B; Griffiths R; Keith A; Rutgers M; Mulder C; Hannula E; Creamer R; Stone D; Bailey MJ (2016)
    Soils provide many ecosystem services that are ultimately dependent on the local diversity and belowground abundance of organisms. Soil biodiversity is affected negatively by many threats and there is a perceived policy ...