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  • Exploring temporality in socio-ecological resilience through experiences of the 2015-16 El Niño across the Tropics 

    Whitfield S; Beauchamp E; Boyd DS; Burslem D; Byg A; Colledge F; Cutler MEJ; Didena M; Dougill A; Foody G; Godbold JA; Hazenbosch M; Hirons M; Speranza CI; Jew E; Lacambra C; Mkwambisi D; Moges A; Morel A; Morris R; Novo P; Rueda M; Smith H; Solan M; Spencer T; Thornton A; Touza J; White PCL (2019)
    In a context of both long-term climatic changes and short-term climatic shocks, temporal dynamics profoundly influence ecosystems and societies. In low income contexts in the Tropics, where both exposure and vulnerability ...