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  • Rabies outbreak in Greece during 2012-2014: use of Geographical Information System for analysis, risk assessment and control 

    Giannakopoulos A; Valiakos G; Papaspyropoulos K; Dougas G; Korou LM; Tasioudi KE; Fthenakis GC; Hutchings MR; Kaimaras D; Tsokana CN; Iliadou P; Spyrou V; Tzani M; Birtsas P; Kostoglou P; Sokos C; Doudounakis S; Yon L; Hannant D; Artois M; Tsiodras S; Hadjichristodoulou C; Billinis C (2016)
    The objectives of this work were (i) geographical analysis of the 2012–2014 outbreak of rabies in Greece using GIS and (ii) comparative analysis of animal cases with data of potential human exposure to rabies together with ...