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  • Assessing uncertainties in land cover projections 

    Alexander P; Prestele R; Verburg PH; Arneth A; Baranzelli C; Batista E Silva F; Brown C; Butler A; Calvin K; Dendoncker N; Doelman JC; Dunford R; Engstrom K; Eitelberg D; Fujimori S; Harrison PA; Hasegawa T; Havlik P; Holzhauer S; Humpenoder F; Jacobs-Crisioni C; Jain AK; Krisztin T; Kyle P; Lavalle C; Lenton T; Liu J; Meiyappan P; Popp A; Powell T; Sands RD; Schaldach R; Stehfest E; Steinbuks J; Tabeau A; van Meijl H; Wise MA; Rounsevell MDA (2016)
    Understanding uncertainties in land cover projections is critical to investigating land-based climate mitigation policies, assessing the potential of climate adaptation strategies and quantifying the impacts of land cover ...