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  • Identifying cost-competitive greenhouse gas mitigation potential of French agriculture 

    Pellerin S; Bamiere L; Angers D; Beline F; Benoit M; Butault J-P; Chenu C; Colnenne-David C; De Cara S; Delame N; Doreau M; Dupraz P; Faverdin P; Garcia-Launay F; Hassouna M; Henault C; Jeuffroy M-H; Klumpp K; Metay A; Moran D; Recous S; Samson E; Savini I; Pardon L; Chemineau P (2017)
    The agriculture, forestry and other land use sector is responsible for 24% (10-12 Pg CO2e per year) of anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide, with concomitant opportunities for mitigation. A scientific ...