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  • The interaction between behavioural traits and demographic and management factors in German Shepherd dogs 

    Friedrich J; Arvelius P; Strandberg E; Polgar Z; Wiener P; Haskell MJ (2018)
    As companion animals, a dog’s lifestyle is mainly determined by its owner. Discrepancies between the dog’s preferences and the owner’s lifestyle might lead to the occurrence of unwanted behaviours that affect both the ...
  • Management and personality in Labrador Retriever dogs 

    Lofgren SE; Wiener P; Blott SC; Sanchez-Molano E; Woolliams JA; Clements DN; Haskell MJ (2014)
    Canine personality is of keen interest to dog owners and researchers alike. The regular human contact with them makes dogs an ideal species to use in the investigation of animal personality. This study specifically focused ...