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  • Behavioural differences between weaner pigs with intact and docked tails 

    Paoli MA; Lahrmann HP; Jensen T; D'Eath RB (2016)
    Tail-biting in pigs (Sus scrofa) reduces welfare and production. Tail-docking reduces (but does not eliminate) tail-biting damage. The reason tail-docking reduces tail damage is unknown. It may reduce pigs’ attraction to ...
  • The effect of four different feeding regimes on rabbit behaviour 

    Prebble JL; Langford FM; Shaw DJ; Meredith AL (2015)
    Dietary composition and presentation impacts on the behaviour of animals, and failure to provide asuitable diet can lead to reduced welfare through the development of poor health, the inability to expressnormal behaviours ...
  • Which dairy calves are cross-sucked? 

    Laukkanen H; Rushen J; de Passille AM (2010)
    We examined which calves within a group were the recipients of cross-sucking, whether this was related to body weight or feeding behaviour, and whether cross-sucking served to displace calves from the feeders. Forty-five ...