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  • Determining short term responses of Irish dairy farms under climate change 

    Shrestha S; Hennessey T; Abdalla M; Forristal D; Jones MB (2014)
    This study aimed to determine short term farm responses of Irish dairy farms under climate change. The Irish National Farm Survey data and Irish weather data were the main datasets used in this study. A set of simulation ...
  • Effects of climate and management intensity on nitrous oxide emissions in grassland systems across Europe 

    Flechard CR; Ambus P; Skiba UM; Rees RM; Hensen A; van Amstel A; van den Pol-van Dasselaar A; Soussana JF; Jones M; Clifton-Brown J; Raschi A; Horvath L; Neftel A; Jocher M; Ammann C; Leifeld J; Fuhrer J; Calanca P; Thalman E; Pilegaard K; Di Marco C; Campbell C; Nemitz E; Hargreaves KJ; Levy PE; Ball BC; Jones SK; van de Bulk WCM; Groot T; Blom M; Domingues R; Kasper G; Allard V; Ceschia E; Cellier P; Laville P; Henault C; Bizouard F; Abdalla M; Williams M; Baronti S; Berretti F; Grosz B (2007)
  • Irish farms under climate change - is there a regional variation on farm responses? 

    Shrestha S; Abdalla M; Hennessy T; Forristal D; Jones MB (2014)
    The current paper aims to determine regional impacts of climate change on Irish farms examining the variation in farm responses. A set of crop growth models were used to determine crop and grass yields under a baseline scenario ...
  • Simulation of CO2 and attribution analysis at six European peatland sites using the ECOSSE model 

    Abdalla M; Hastings A; Bell MJ; Smith JU; Richards M; Nilsson MB; Peichl M; Lofvenius MO; Lund M; Helfter C; Nemitz E; Sutton MA; Aurela M; Lohila A; Laurila T; Dolman AJ; Belelli-Marchesini L; Pogson M; Jones E; Drewer J; Drosler M; Smith P (2014)
    Abstract In this study, we simulated heterotrophic CO2(Rh) fluxes at six European peatland sites using the ECOSSE model and compared them to estimates of Rh made from eddy covariance (EC) measurements. The sites are ...