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dc.contributor.authorTongue SCen
dc.contributor.authorCorreia-Gomes Cen
dc.contributor.authorEze JIen
dc.contributor.authorHenry MKen
dc.contributor.authorStott AWen
dc.contributor.authorMilne CEen
dc.description.abstractLiver fluke is a common, ubiquitous parasite that affects the health and welfare of cattle worldwide. The costs incurred, via production losses and liver condemnations, and their effects on the economics of the British cattle industry are not entirely clear. In order to effect change and reduce reliance on drugs, we must demonstrate that any improved means to control the disease and reduce infection, cost less than the benefits accrued from their application. Our aim was to develop bio-economic models that provide quantitative estimates of the losses incurred in alternative production systems, as a first step in this process.en
dc.titleLiver fluke - Fasciola hepatica: comparative losses in key sectors of the British cattle industryen
dc.title.alternative14th International Symposium on Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Merida, Mexicoen

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