Recent Submissions

  • A review of visual soil evaluation techniques for soil structure 

    Emmett-Booth JP; Forristal PD; Fenton O; Ball BC; Holden NM (2016)
    Soil structure forms a key component of soil quality, and its assessment by semi-quantitative visual soil evaluation (VSE) techniques can help scientists, advisors and farmers make decisions regarding sampling and soil ...
  • Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate change 

    Ozkan S; Vitali A; Lacetera N; Amon B; Bannink A; Bartley DJ; Blanco-Penedo I; de Haas Y; Dufrasne I; Elliott J; Eory V; Fox NJ; Garnsworthy PC; Gengler N; Hammami H; Kyriazakis I; Leclere D; Lessire F; MacLeod M; Robinson TP; Ruete A; Sandars DL; Shrestha S; Stott AW; Twardy S; Vanrobays M-L; Vosough Ahmadi B; Weindl I; Wheelhouse N; Williams AG; Williams HW; Wilson AJ; Ostergaard S; Kipling RP (2016)
    Climate change has the potential to impair livestock health, with consequences for animal welfare, productivity, greenhouse gas emissions, and human livelihoods and health. Modelling has an important role in assessing the ...
  • Epigenetics and developmental programming of welfare and production traits in farm animals 

    Sinclair KD; Rutherford KMD; Wallace JM; Brameld JM; Stoger R; Alberio R; Sweetman D; Gardner DS; Perry VEA; Adam CL; Ashworth CJ; Robinson JE; Dwyer CM (2016)
    The concept that postnatal health and development can be influenced by events that occur in utero originated from epidemiological studies in humans supported by numerous mechanistic (including epigenetic) studies in a ...
  • Building sustainable smallholder cooperatives in emerging market economies: findings from a five-year project in Kenya 

    Meador JE; O'Brien DJ; Cook ML; Grothe G; Werner L; Diang'a D; Savoie RM (2016)
    A comparative study of two smallholder dairy cooperatives in Kenya examines the question: what factors are conducive to producing sustainable smallholder cooperatives that can gain entry into the vertical value chain in ...
  • New frontiers in belowground ecology for plant protection from root-feeding insects 

    Johnson SN; Benefer C; Frew A; Griffiths BS; Hartley S; Karley A; Rasmann S; Schumann M; Sonnemann I; Robert C (2016)
    Herbivorous insect pests living in the soil represent a significant challenge to food security given their persistence, the acute damage they cause to plants and the difficulties associated with managing their populations. ...

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