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  • Current available strategies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in livestock systems: an animal welfare perspective 

    Llonch P; Haskell MJ; Dewhurst RJ; Turner SP (2016)
    Livestock production is a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so will play a significant role in the mitigation effort. Recent literature highlights different strategies to mitigate GHG emissions in the ...
  • Soil protistology rebooted: 30 fundamental questions to start with 

    Geisen S; Mitchell E; Bonkowski M; Wilkinson D; Adl S; Lara E; Brown M; Fiore-Donno AM; Heger T; Jassey V; Krashevska V; Ekelund F; Lahr D; Anderson OR; Bass D; Lassaad B; Berney C; Blandenier Q; Charman D; Chatzinotas A; Clarholm M; Dunthorn M; Feest A; Fernandez-Parra L; Fiossner W; Fournier B; Griffiths BS; Hajeck M; Helder J; Jousset A; Koller R; Kumar S; La Terza A; Lamentowicz M; Singer D; Marcisz K; Mazei Y; Mulot M; Payne R; Ronn R; Santos S; Seppey C; Smirnov A; Spiegel F; Winding A (2017)
    Protists are the most diverse eukaryotes. These microbes are keystone organisms of soil ecosystems and regulate essential processes of soil fertility such as nutrient cycling and plant growth. Despite this, protists have ...
  • A review of visual soil evaluation techniques for soil structure 

    Emmett-Booth JP; Forristal PD; Fenton O; Ball BC; Holden NM (2016)
    Soil structure forms a key component of soil quality, and its assessment by semi-quantitative visual soil evaluation (VSE) techniques can help scientists, advisors and farmers make decisions regarding sampling and soil ...
  • Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate change 

    Ozkan S; Vitali A; Lacetera N; Amon B; Bannink A; Bartley DJ; Blanco-Penedo I; de Haas Y; Dufrasne I; Elliott J; Eory V; Fox NJ; Garnsworthy PC; Gengler N; Hammami H; Kyriazakis I; Leclere D; Lessire F; MacLeod M; Robinson TP; Ruete A; Sandars DL; Shrestha S; Stott AW; Twardy S; Vanrobays M-L; Vosough Ahmadi B; Weindl I; Wheelhouse N; Williams AG; Williams HW; Wilson AJ; Ostergaard S; Kipling RP (2016)
    Climate change has the potential to impair livestock health, with consequences for animal welfare, productivity, greenhouse gas emissions, and human livelihoods and health. Modelling has an important role in assessing the ...

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