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  • Changes in soil organic carbon and its chemical fractions under different tillage practices on loess soils of the Guanzhong Plain in north-west China 

    Sun HY; Wang CX; Wang XD; Rees RM (2013)
    Over the past 20 years, conservation tillage has been used on the loess plateau of north‐west China to improve the sustainability of local agriculture. There had been particular concern about loss of soil organic matter ...
  • Not just fat: investigating the proteome of cetacean blubber tissue 

    Kershaw JL; Botting CH; Brownlow A; Hall AJ (2018)
    Mammalian adipose tissue is increasingly being recognized as an endocrine organ involved in the regulation of a number of metabolic processes and pathways. It responds to signals from different hormone systems and the ...
  • Cereal yield gaps across Europe 

    Schils R; Olesen JE; Kersebaum K-C; Rijk B; Oberforster M; Kalyada V; Khitrykau M; Gobin A; Kirchev H; Manolova V; Manolov I; Trnka M; Hlavinka P; Paluoso T; Peltonen-Sainio P; Jauhiainen L; Lorgeou J; Marrou H; Danalatos N; Archontoulis S; Fodor N; Spink J; Roggero PP; Bassu S; Pulina A; Seehusen T; Uhlen AK; Zylowska K; Nierobca A; Kozyra J; Silva JV; Macas BM; Coutinho J; Ion V; Takac J; Minguez MI; Eckersten H; Levy L; Herrera JM; Hiltbrunner J; Kryvobok O; Slyvester-Bradley R; Kindred D; Topp CFE; Boogaard H; de Groot H; Lesschen JP; van Bussel L; Wolf J; Zijlstra M; van Loon MP; van Ittersum MK (2018)
    Europe accounts for around 20% of the global cereal production and is a net exporter of ca. 15% of that production. Increasing global demand for cereals justifies questions as to where and by how much Europe’s production ...
  • Brexit: How will UK agriculture fare? 

    Hubbard C; Davis J; Feng S; Harvey D; Liddon A; Moxey A; Ojo M; Patton M; Philippidis G; Scott C; Shrestha S; Wallace M (2018)
    There is little doubt that Brexit would have significant implications for UK agriculture, a sector with strong trade links to the EU and strong reliance on CAP income support. This article reports preliminary results from ...
  • My land? Your land? Scotland? - Understanding sectoral similarities and differences in Scottish land use visions 

    Valluri-Nitsch C; Metzger MJ; McMorran R; Price MF (2018)
    Understanding agreement and differences between land use visions forms a first step for assessing and comparing alternative pathways towards a sustainable future. This study presents an analysis of 20 semi-structured ...

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