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  • Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate change 

    Ozkan S; Vitali A; Lacetera N; Amon B; Bannink A; Bartley DJ; Blanco-Penedo I; de Haas Y; Dufrasne I; Elliott J; Eory V; Fox NJ; Garnsworthy PC; Gengler N; Hammami H; Kyriazakis I; Leclere D; Lessire F; MacLeod M; Robinson TP; Ruete A; Sandars DL; Shrestha S; Stott AW; Twardy S; Vanrobays M-L; Vosough Ahmadi B; Weindl I; Wheelhouse N; Williams AG; Williams HW; Wilson AJ; Ostergaard S; Kipling RP (2016)
    Climate change has the potential to impair livestock health, with consequences for animal welfare, productivity, greenhouse gas emissions, and human livelihoods and health. Modelling has an important role in assessing the ...
  • Impact of animal health on greenhouse gas emissions 

    Ozkan S; Vosough Ahmadi B; Bonesmo H; Osteras O; Stott AW; Harstad OM (Advances in Animal Biosciences, 14/10/2014)
    Nationally, 53 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) emissions are produced in Norway every year, of which around 8% is attributed to agriculture. Agriculture contributes almost 50% of the total human-sourced ...