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  • Comparable cortisol, heart rate and milk let-down in nurse sows and non-nurse sows 

    Amdi C; Moustsen VA; Oxholm LC; Baxter EM; Sorensen G; Eriksson KB; Diness LH; Nielsen MF; Hansen CF (2017)
    Increasing litter size in hyperprolific sows has led to the need for management systems for surplus piglets, one of which is the use of nurse sows. The aim of this study was to investigate physiological changes in salivary ...
  • The effect of long or chopped straw on pig behaviour 

    Lahrmann HP; Oxholm LC; Steinmetz H; Nielsen MBF; D'Eath RB (2014)
    In the EU, pigs must have permanent access to manipulable materials such as straw, rope, wood, etc. Long straw can fulfil this function, but can increase labour requirements for cleaning pens, and result in problems with ...