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  • Ecosystem service values for mangroves in Southeast Asia: A meta-analysis and value transfer application 

    Brander LM; Wagtendonk AJ; Hussain SS; McVittie A; Verburg PH; de Groot RS; van der Ploeg S (2012)
    This paper examines the value of ecosystem services provided by mangroves. It presents a meta-analysis of the economic valuation literature and applies the estimated value function to assess the value of mangroves in ...
  • Global estimates of the value of ecosystems and their services in monetary units 

    de Groot R; Brander L; van der Ploeg S; Costanza R; Bernard F; Braat L; Christie M; Crossman N; Ghermandi A; Hein L; Hussain SS; Kumar P; McVittie A; Portela R; Rodriguez LC; ten Brink P; van Beukering P (2012)
    This paper gives an overview of the value of ecosystem services of 10 main biomes expressed in monetary units. In total, over 320 publications were screened covering over 300 case study locations. Approximately 1350 value ...