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  • Beached bachelors: an extensive study on the largest recorded sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus mortality event in the North Sea 

    IJsseldijk LL; van Neer A; Deaville R; Begeman L; van de Bildt; van den Brand JMA; Brownlow A; Czeck R; Dabin W; ten Doeschate M; Herder V; Herr H; IJzer J; Jauniaux T; Jensen LF; Jepson PD; Jo WK; Lakemeyer J; Lehnert K; Leopold MF; Osterhaus A; Perkins MW; Piatkowski U; Prenger-Berninghoff E; Pund R; Wohlsein P; Grone A; Siebert U (2018)
    Between the 8th January and the 25th February 2016, the largest sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus mortality event ever recorded in the North Sea occurred with 30 sperm whales stranding in five countries within six weeks. ...
  • Nuclear reprocessing-related radiocarbon (14C) uptake in UK marine mammals 

    Tierney KM; Muir GKP; Cook GT; Heymans JJ; MacKinnon G; Howe JA; Xu S; Brownlow A; Davison NJ; ten Doeschate M; Deaville R (2017)
    To evaluate the transfer of Sellafield-derived radiocarbon (14C) to top predators in the UK marine environment, 14C activities were examined in stranded marine mammals. All samples of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) ...
  • PCB pollution continues to impact populations of orcas and other dolphins in European waters 

    Jepson PD; Deaville R; Barber JL; Aguilar A; Borrell A; Murphy S; Barry J; Brownlow A; Barnett J; Berrow S; Cunningham AA; Davison NJ; ten Doeschate M; Esteban R; Ferreira M; Foote AD; Genov T; Gimenez J; Loveridge J; Llavona A; Martin V; Maxwell DL; Papachlimitzou A; Penrose R; Perkins MW; Smith B; de Stephanis R; Tregenza N; Verborgh P; Fernandez A; Law RJ (2016)
    Organochlorine (OC) pesticides and the more persistent polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have well-established dose-dependent toxicities to birds, fish and mammals in experimental studies, but the actual impact of OC ...