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  • Weed suppression and tolerance in winter oats 

    Fradgley N; Creissen H; Pearce H; Howlett S; Pearce B; Döring T; Girling R (2017)
    A crops ability to both suppress weed growth and tolerate weed competition is a key consideration when taking an agroecological approach to weed management. Amongst other cereals, oats are widely considered to have superior ...
  • Weeds in organic fertility-building leys: aspects of species richness and weed management 

    Doring TF; Storkey J; Baddeley JA; Collins RP; Crowley O; Howlett SA; Jones HE; McCalman H; Measures M; Pearce H; Roderick S; Watson CA; Wolfe MS (2017)
    Legume-based leys (perennial sod crops) are an important component of fertility management in organic rotations in many parts of Europe. Despite their importance, however, relatively little is known about how these leys ...