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  • Communicating soil carbon science to farmers: incorporating credibility, salience and legitimacy 

    Ingram J; Mills J; Dibari C; Ferrise R; Ghaley BB; Hansen JG; Iglesias A; Karaczun Z; McVittie A; Merante P; Molnar A; Sanchez B (2016)
    A key narrative within climate change science is that conserving and improving soil carbon through agricultural practices can contribute to agricultural productivity and is a promising option for mitigating carbon loss ...
  • Management of agricultural soils for greenhouse gas mitigation: learning from a case study in NE Spain 

    Sanchez B; Iglesias A; McVittie A; Alvaro-Fuentes J; Ingram J; Mills J; Lesschen JP; Kuikman PJ (2016)
    A portfolio of agricultural practices is now available that can contribute to reaching European mitigation targets. Among them, the management of agricultural soils has a large potential for reducing GHG emissions or ...
  • Managing soil organic carbon: a farm perspective 

    Ingram J; Mills J; Frelih-Larsen A; Davis M; Merante P; Ringrose S; Molnar A; Sanchez B; Ghaley BB; Karaczun Z (2014)
    Farming practices that lead to declining returns and inputs of carbon to soils pose a threat to key soil functions. The EU FP7 interdisciplinary project SmartSOIL is using scientific testing and modeling to identify ...