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  • Communicating soil carbon science to farmers: incorporating credibility, salience and legitimacy 

    Ingram J; Mills J; Dibari C; Ferrise R; Ghaley BB; Hansen JG; Iglesias A; Karaczun Z; McVittie A; Merante P; Molnar A; Sanchez B (2016)
    A key narrative within climate change science is that conserving and improving soil carbon through agricultural practices can contribute to agricultural productivity and is a promising option for mitigating carbon loss ...
  • A farm level approach to explore farm gross margin effects of soil organic carbon management 

    Glenk K; Shrestha S; Topp CFE; Sanchez B; Iglesias A; Dibari C; Merante P (2016)
    This paper investigates farm gross margin effects of management measures aimed at enhancing soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks to maintain soil fertility while providing important ecosystem services. An optimising farm level ...
  • Managing soil organic carbon: a farm perspective 

    Ingram J; Mills J; Frelih-Larsen A; Davis M; Merante P; Ringrose S; Molnar A; Sanchez B; Ghaley BB; Karaczun Z (2014)
    Farming practices that lead to declining returns and inputs of carbon to soils pose a threat to key soil functions. The EU FP7 interdisciplinary project SmartSOIL is using scientific testing and modeling to identify ...