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  • Ecological network analysis reveals the inter-connection between soil biodiversity and ecosystem function as affected by land use across Europe 

    Creamer RE; Hannula SE; Van Leeuwen JP; Stone D; Rutgers M; Schmelz RM; de Ruiter PC; Bohse Hendriksen N; Bolger T; Bouffaud ML; Buee M; Carvalho F; Costa D; Dirilgen T; Francisco R; Griffiths BS; Griffiths R; Martin F; Martins da Silva P; Mendes S; Morais PV; Pereira C; Philippot L; Plassart P; Redecker D; Rombke J; Sousa JP; Wouterse M; Lemanceau P (2016)
    Soil organisms are considered drivers of soil ecosystem services (primary productivity, nutrient cycling, carbon cycling, water regulation) associated with sustainable agricultural production. Soil biodiversity was highlighted ...
  • Recently identified microbial guild mediates soil N2O sink capacity 

    Jones CM; Spor A; Brennan FP; Breuil M-C; Bru D; Lemanceau P; Griffiths BS; Hallin S; Philippot L (2014)
    Nitrous oxide (N2O) is the predominant ozone-depleting substance and contributes approximately 6% to overall global warming1,2. Terrestrial ecosystems account for nearly 70% of total global N2O atmospheric loading, of ...