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  • Development of foliar late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in relation to cultivar resistance and fungicide dose on potato 

    Bain RA; Ritchie F; Lees A; Dyer C; Roberts A (Wageningen UR, 10/2011)
    In Britain the shift in the late blight population towards more aggressive and virulent Phytophthora infestans genotypes, including 13_A2 and 6_A1, is well documented. Genotype 13_A2 is now used to screen varieties for ...
  • Epidemics and control of early & late blight, 2013 & 2014 in Europe 

    Hansen JG; Andersson B; Sjoholm L; Liljeroth E; Edin E; Bain RA; Lees A; Ritchie F; Kildea S; Cooke L; Young G; Filippov A; Hannukkala A; Hausladen H; Hausvater E; Hermansen A; Naerstad R; Kapsa J; Runno-Paurson E; Koppel M; Musa T; Gulbis G; Ronis A; Vogelaar K; Spoelder J; Evenhuis B; Vanhaverbeke P (Wageningen DLO Foundation, 02/2016)
    The EuroBlight late blight country profile was launched in 2007 to keep track of the development of late blight and its control in Europe in individual countries and over years. This paper reports the development and ...
  • Predicting the combined efficacy of host resistance and fungicides 

    Ritchie F; Bain RA; Lees A; Boor T; Paveley N (Stichting Wageningen Research, 2017)
    Integrating strategies for the control of late blight caused by Phytophthora infestans on potato, such as epidemic rate limiting host resistance combined with reduced fungicide doses, has been demonstrated to successfully ...