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  • Cereal yield gaps across Europe 

    Schils R; Olesen JE; Kersebaum K-C; Rijk B; Oberforster M; Kalyada V; Khitrykau M; Gobin A; Kirchev H; Manolova V; Manolov I; Trnka M; Hlavinka P; Paluoso T; Peltonen-Sainio P; Jauhiainen L; Lorgeou J; Marrou H; Danalatos N; Archontoulis S; Fodor N; Spink J; Roggero PP; Bassu S; Pulina A; Seehusen T; Uhlen AK; Zylowska K; Nierobca A; Kozyra J; Silva JV; Macas BM; Coutinho J; Ion V; Takac J; Minguez MI; Eckersten H; Levy L; Herrera JM; Hiltbrunner J; Kryvobok O; Slyvester-Bradley R; Kindred D; Topp CFE; Boogaard H; de Groot H; Lesschen JP; van Bussel L; Wolf J; Zijlstra M; van Loon MP; van Ittersum MK (2018)
    Europe accounts for around 20% of the global cereal production and is a net exporter of ca. 15% of that production. Increasing global demand for cereals justifies questions as to where and by how much Europe’s production ...
  • The potential for land sparing to offset greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture 

    Lamb A; Green R; Bateman I; Broadmeadow M; Bruce T; Burney J; Carey P; Chadwick D; Crane E; Field R; Goulding K; Griffiths H; Hastings A; Kasoar T; Kindred D; Phalan B; Pickett J; Smith P; Wall E; zu Ermgassen EKHJ; Balmford A (2016)
    Greenhouse gas emissions from global agriculture are increasing at around 1% per annum, yet substantial cuts in emissions are needed across all sectors. The challenge of reducing agricultural emissions is particularly ...
  • What agricultural practices are most likely to deliver "sustainable intensification" in the UK? 

    Dicks LV; Rose DC; Ang F; Aston S; Birch ANE; Boatman N; Bowles EL; Chadwick D; Dinsdale A; Durham S; Elliott J; Firbank L; Humphreys S; Jarvis P; Jones D; Kindred D; Knight SM; Lee MRF; Leifert C; Lobley M; Matthews K; Midmer A; Moore M; Morris C; Mortimer S; Murray TC; Norman K; Ramsden S; Roberts DJ; Smith LG; Soffe R; Stoate C; Taylor B; Tinker D; Topliff M; Wallace J; Williams P; Wilson P; Winter M; Sutherland WJ (2018)
    Sustainable intensification is a process by which agricultural productivity is enhanced whilst also creating environmental and social benefits. We aimed to identify practices likely to deliver sustainable intensification, ...