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  • Brexit: How will UK agriculture fare? 

    Hubbard C; Davis J; Feng S; Harvey D; Liddon A; Moxey A; Ojo M; Patton M; Philippidis G; Scott C; Shrestha S; Wallace M (2018)
    There is little doubt that Brexit would have significant implications for UK agriculture, a sector with strong trade links to the EU and strong reliance on CAP income support. This article reports preliminary results from ...
  • A structural equation model of the factors influencing British consumers' behaviour toward animal welfare 

    Toma L; McVittie A; Hubbard C; Stott AW (2011)
    Results of national and pan-European consumer surveys and the growth in the demand for so-called “animal-friendly” food products suggest that consumers within the European Union (EU) show a high level of concern for the ...