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  • Four azoles’ profile in the control of Septoria, yellow rust and brown rust in wheat across Europe 

    Jorgensen LN; Matzen N; Hansen JG; Semaskiene R; Korbas M; Danielewicz J; Glazek M; Maumene C; Rodemann B; Weigand S; Hess M; Blake J; Clark B; Kildea S; Batailles C; Ban R; Havis ND; Treikale O (2017)
    Leaf diseases cause major yield losses in winter wheat every year across Europe. Septoria leaf blotch – STB (Zymoseptoria tritici) is the most serious leaf disease in Northern Europe, but also yellow rust (Puccinia ...
  • Ramularia collo-cygni - an emerging pathogen of barley crops 

    Havis ND; Brown JKM; Clemente G; Frei P; Jedryczka M; Kaczmarek J; Kaczmarek M; Matusinsky P; McGrann GRD; Pereyra S; Piotrowska MJ; Sghyer H; Tellier A; Hess M (2015)
    Ramularia collo-cygni is the biotic factor responsible for the disease Ramularia leaf spot (RLS) of barley (Hordeum vulgare). Despite having been described over 100 years ago and being considered a minor disease in some ...