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  • Communicating soil carbon science to farmers: incorporating credibility, salience and legitimacy 

    Ingram J; Mills J; Dibari C; Ferrise R; Ghaley BB; Hansen JG; Iglesias A; Karaczun Z; McVittie A; Merante P; Molnar A; Sanchez B (2016)
    A key narrative within climate change science is that conserving and improving soil carbon through agricultural practices can contribute to agricultural productivity and is a promising option for mitigating carbon loss ...
  • Epidemics and control of early & late blight, 2013 & 2014 in Europe 

    Hansen JG; Andersson B; Sjoholm L; Liljeroth E; Edin E; Bain RA; Lees A; Ritchie F; Kildea S; Cooke L; Young G; Filippov A; Hannukkala A; Hausladen H; Hausvater E; Hermansen A; Naerstad R; Kapsa J; Runno-Paurson E; Koppel M; Musa T; Gulbis G; Ronis A; Vogelaar K; Spoelder J; Evenhuis B; Vanhaverbeke P (Wageningen DLO Foundation, 02/2016)
    The EuroBlight late blight country profile was launched in 2007 to keep track of the development of late blight and its control in Europe in individual countries and over years. This paper reports the development and ...
  • Epidemiology and integrated control of potato late blight in Europe 

    Cooke LR; Schepers HTAM; Hermansen A; Bain RA; Bradshaw NJ; Ritchie F; Shaw DS; Evenhuis A; Kessel GJT; Wander JGN; Andersson B; Hansen JG; Hannukkala A; Naerstad R; Nielsen BJ (2011)
  • Four azoles’ profile in the control of Septoria, yellow rust and brown rust in wheat across Europe 

    Jorgensen LN; Matzen N; Hansen JG; Semaskiene R; Korbas M; Danielewicz J; Glazek M; Maumene C; Rodemann B; Weigand S; Hess M; Blake J; Clark B; Kildea S; Batailles C; Ban R; Havis ND; Treikale O (2017)
    Leaf diseases cause major yield losses in winter wheat every year across Europe. Septoria leaf blotch – STB (Zymoseptoria tritici) is the most serious leaf disease in Northern Europe, but also yellow rust (Puccinia ...