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  • The need for standardisation: exemplified by a description of the diversity, community structure and ecological indices of soil nematodes 

    Griffiths BS; de Groot GA; Laros I; Stone DG; Geisen S (Elsevier, 2017)
    Molecular approaches are offering a supplement to, or even the possibility of replacing morphological identification of soil fauna, because of advantages for throughput, coverage and objectivity. We determined ecological ...
  • Selecting cost effective and policy-relevant biological indicators for European monitoring of soil biodiversity and ecosystem function 

    Griffiths BS; Rombke J; Schmelz R; Scheffczyk A; Faber J; Bloem J; Peres G; Cluzeau D; Chabbi A; Suhadolc M; Sousa P; Martins da Silva P; Carvalho F; Mendes S; Morais P; Francisco R; Pereira C; Bonkowski M; Geisen S; Bardgett R; de Vries F; Bolger T; Dirilgen T; Schmidt O; Winding A; Hendriksen N; Johansen A; Philippot L; Plassart P; Bru D; Thompson B; Griffiths R; Keith A; Rutgers M; Mulder C; Hannula E; Creamer R; Stone D; Bailey MJ (2016)
    Soils provide many ecosystem services that are ultimately dependent on the local diversity and belowground abundance of organisms. Soil biodiversity is affected negatively by many threats and there is a perceived policy ...
  • Soil protistology rebooted: 30 fundamental questions to start with 

    Geisen S; Mitchell E; Bonkowski M; Wilkinson D; Adl S; Lara E; Brown M; Fiore-Donno AM; Heger T; Jassey V; Krashevska V; Ekelund F; Lahr D; Anderson OR; Bass D; Lassaad B; Berney C; Blandenier Q; Charman D; Chatzinotas A; Clarholm M; Dunthorn M; Feest A; Fernandez-Parra L; Fiossner W; Fournier B; Griffiths BS; Hajeck M; Helder J; Jousset A; Koller R; Kumar S; La Terza A; Lamentowicz M; Singer D; Marcisz K; Mazei Y; Mulot M; Payne R; Ronn R; Santos S; Seppey C; Smirnov A; Spiegel F; Winding A (2017)
    Protists are the most diverse eukaryotes. These microbes are keystone organisms of soil ecosystems and regulate essential processes of soil fertility such as nutrient cycling and plant growth. Despite this, protists have ...