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  • Delivering multiple ecosystem services from Enclosed Farmland in the UK 

    Firbank L; Bradbury RB; McCracken DI; Stoate C (2013)
    Here, we review the delivery of ecosystem services from Enclosed Farmland in the UK, and explore how the expected demands for ecosystem services might be met in the future. Most Enclosed Farmland is managed for agriculture; ...
  • What agricultural practices are most likely to deliver "sustainable intensification" in the UK? 

    Dicks LV; Rose DC; Ang F; Aston S; Birch ANE; Boatman N; Bowles EL; Chadwick D; Dinsdale A; Durham S; Elliott J; Firbank L; Humphreys S; Jarvis P; Jones D; Kindred D; Knight SM; Lee MRF; Leifert C; Lobley M; Matthews K; Midmer A; Moore M; Morris C; Mortimer S; Murray TC; Norman K; Ramsden S; Roberts DJ; Smith LG; Soffe R; Stoate C; Taylor B; Tinker D; Topliff M; Wallace J; Williams P; Wilson P; Winter M; Sutherland WJ (2018)
    Sustainable intensification is a process by which agricultural productivity is enhanced whilst also creating environmental and social benefits. We aimed to identify practices likely to deliver sustainable intensification, ...