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  • A framework for designing multi-functional cover crops 

    Storkey J; Doring TF; Baddeley JA; Collins R; Roderick S; Stobart R; Jones HE; Watson CA (Association of Applied Biologists, 24/06/2015)
    Cover crops are sown to provide a number of ecosystem services including nutrient management, mitigation of diffuse pollution, improving soil structure and organic matter content, weed suppression, nitrogen fixation and ...
  • Grain legume yields are as stable as other spring crops in long-term experiments across northern Europe 

    Reckling M; Doring TF; Bergkvist G; Stoddard FL; Watson CA; Seddig S; Chmielewski F-M; Bachinger J (2018)
    Grain legumes produce high-quality protein for food and feed, and potentially contribute to sustainable cropping systems, but they are grown on only 1.5% of European arable land. Low temporal yield stability is one of the ...
  • Weeds in organic fertility-building leys: aspects of species richness and weed management 

    Doring TF; Storkey J; Baddeley JA; Collins RP; Crowley O; Howlett SA; Jones HE; McCalman H; Measures M; Pearce H; Roderick S; Watson CA; Wolfe MS (2017)
    Legume-based leys (perennial sod crops) are an important component of fertility management in organic rotations in many parts of Europe. Despite their importance, however, relatively little is known about how these leys ...