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  • Effects of global change during the 21st century on the nitrogen cycle 

    Fowler D; Steadman CE; Stevenson D; Coyle M; Rees RM; Skiba UM; Sutton MA; Cape JN; Dore AJ; Vieno M; Simpson D; Zaehle S; Stocker BD; Rinaldi M; Facchini MC; Flechard CR; Nemitz E; Twigg M; Erisman JW; Galloway JN (2015)
    The global nitrogen (N) cycle at the beginning of the 21st century has been shown to be strongly influenced by the inputs of reactive nitrogen (Nr) from human activities, estimated to be 193 TgNyr−1 in 2010 which is ...
  • Estimation of nitrogen budgets for contrasting catchments at the landscape scale 

    Vogt E; Braban CF; Dragosits U; Theobald MR; Billett MF; Dore AJ; Tang YS; van Dijk N; Rees RM; Mcdonald C; Murray S; Skiba UM; Sutton M (2012)
    A comprehensive assessment of nitrogen (N) flows at the landscape scale is fundamental to understand spatial interactions in the N cascade and to inform the development of locally optimised N management strategies. To ...
  • Heterogeneity of atmospheric ammonia at the landscape scale and consequences for environmental impact assessment 

    Vogt E; Dragosits U; Braban CF; Theobald MR; Dore AJ; van Dijk N; Tang YS; Mcdonald C; Murray S; Rees RM; Sutton MA (2013)
    We examined the consequences of the spatial heterogeneity of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) by measuring and modelling NH3 concentrations and deposition at 25 m grid resolution for a rural landscape containing intensive poultry ...