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  • Direct online HPLC-CV-AFS method for traces of methylmercury without derivatisation: a matrix-independent method for urine, sediment and biological tissue samples 

    Brombach CC; Gajdosechova Z; Chen B; Brownlow A; Corns WT; Feldmann J; Krupp EM (2014)
    Mercury (Hg) is a global pollutant which occurs in different species, with methylmercury (MeHg) being the critical compound due to its neurotoxicity and bioaccumulation through the food chain. Methods for trace speciation ...
  • Priorities for research in soil ecology 

    Eisenhauer N; Antunes PM; Bennett AE; Birkhofer K; Bissett A; Bowker MA; Caruso T; Chen B; Coleman DC; de Boer W; de Ruiter P; DeLuca TH; Frati F; Griffiths BS; Hart MM; Hattenschwiler S; Haimi J; Heethoff M; Kaneko N; Kelly LC; Leinaas HP; Lindo Z; Macdonald C; Rillig MC; Ruess L; Scheu S; Schmidt O; Seastedt TR; van Straalen NM; Tiunov AV; Zimmer M; Powell JR (2017)
    The ecological interactions that occur in and with soil are of consequence in many ecosystems on the planet. These interactions provide numerous essential ecosystem services, and the sustainable management of soils ...