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  • Conceptual framework underpinning management of soil health - supporting site-specific delivery of sustainable agro-ecosystems 

    Stockdale EA; Griffiths BS; Hargreaves PR; Bhogal A; Crotty FV; Watson CA (2018)
    The need for sustainable intensification of agricultural production has ushered in a growing awareness of soil health and a requirement to identify with some certainty how changes to land management will affect soil. From ...
  • Nitrogen use efficiency and nitrous oxide emissions from five UK fertilised grasslands 

    Cardenas LM; Bhogal A; Chadwick DR; McGeough K; Misselbrook T; Rees RM; Thorman RE; Watson CJ; Williams JR; Smith KA; Calvet S (2019)
    Intensification of grasslands is necessary to meet the increasing demand of livestock products. The application of nitrogen (N) on grasslands affects the N balance therefore the nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). Emissions of ...
  • Nitrous oxide mitigation in UK agriculture 

    Rees RM; Baddeley JA; Bhogal A; Ball BC; Chadwick DR; MacLeod M; Lilly A; Pappa VA; Thorman RE; Watson CA; Williams JR (2013)
    Nitrous oxide (N2O) makes the single largest contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from UK and European Union agriculture. Ambitious government targets for GHG mitigation are leading to the implementation of ...