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  • Improving intercropping: a synthesis of research in agronomy, plant physiology and ecology 

    Brooker RW; Bennett AE; Cong W-F; Daniell TJ; George TS; Hallet PD; Hawes C; Iannetta PPM; Jones HG; Karley AJ; Li L; McKenzie BM; Pakeman RJ; Paterson E; Schob C; Shen J; Squire G; Watson CA; Zhang C; Zhang F; Zhang J; White PJ (2014)
    Intercropping is a farming practice involving two or more crop species, or genotypes, growing together and coexisting for a time.Onthe fringes of modern intensive agriculture, intercropping is important in many subsistence ...
  • Priorities for research in soil ecology 

    Eisenhauer N; Antunes PM; Bennett AE; Birkhofer K; Bissett A; Bowker MA; Caruso T; Chen B; Coleman DC; de Boer W; de Ruiter P; DeLuca TH; Frati F; Griffiths BS; Hart MM; Hattenschwiler S; Haimi J; Heethoff M; Kaneko N; Kelly LC; Leinaas HP; Lindo Z; Macdonald C; Rillig MC; Ruess L; Scheu S; Schmidt O; Seastedt TR; van Straalen NM; Tiunov AV; Zimmer M; Powell JR (2017)
    The ecological interactions that occur in and with soil are of consequence in many ecosystems on the planet. These interactions provide numerous essential ecosystem services, and the sustainable management of soils ...