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  • Implementation in breeding programmes 

    Coffey MP; McParland S; Bastin C; Wall E; Berry D; Veerkamp RF (2013)
    Genetic improvement is easy when selecting for one heritable and well-recorded trait at a time. Many industrialised national dairy herds have overall breeding indices that incorporate a range of traits balanced by their ...
  • Mid-infrared prediction of lactoferrin content in bovine milk: potential indicator of mastitis 

    Soyeurt H; Bastin C; Colinet FG; Arnould VM; Berry DP; Wall E; Dehareng F; Nguyen HN; Dardenne P; Schefers J; Vandenplas J; Weigel K; Coffey MP; Theron L; Detilleux J; Reding E; Gengler N; McParland S (2012)
    Lactoferrin (LTF) is a milk glycoprotein favorably associated with the immune system of dairy cows. Somatic cell count is often used as an indicator of mastitis in dairy cows, but knowledge on the milk LTF content could ...
  • Phenotyping of robustness and milk quality 

    Berry DP; McParland S; Bastin C; Wall E; Gengler N; Soyeurt H (2013)
    A phenotype describes the outcome of the interacting development between the genotype of an individual and its specific environment throughout life. Animal breeding currently exploits large data sets of phenotypic and ...