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  • Microplastics in marine mammals stranded around the British coast: ubiquitous but transitory? 

    Nelms SE; Barnett J; Brownlow A; Davison NJ; Deaville R; Galloway TS; Lindeque PK; Santillo D; Godley BJ (2019)
    Plastic pollution represents a pervasive and increasing threat to marine ecosystems worldwide and there is a need to better understand the extent to which microplastics (<5 mm) are ingested by high trophic-level taxa, such ...
  • PCB pollution continues to impact populations of orcas and other dolphins in European waters 

    Jepson PD; Deaville R; Barber JL; Aguilar A; Borrell A; Murphy S; Barry J; Brownlow A; Barnett J; Berrow S; Cunningham AA; Davison NJ; ten Doeschate M; Esteban R; Ferreira M; Foote AD; Genov T; Gimenez J; Loveridge J; Llavona A; Martin V; Maxwell DL; Papachlimitzou A; Penrose R; Perkins MW; Smith B; de Stephanis R; Tregenza N; Verborgh P; Fernandez A; Law RJ (2016)
    Organochlorine (OC) pesticides and the more persistent polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have well-established dose-dependent toxicities to birds, fish and mammals in experimental studies, but the actual impact of OC ...