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  • Can we breed cattle for lower bovine TB infectivity? 

    Tsairidou S; Allen A; Banos G; Coffey MP; Anacleto O; Byrne AW; Skuce RA; Glass EJ; Woolliams JA; Doeschl-Wilson AB (2018)
    Host resistance and infectivity are genetic traits affecting infectious disease transmission. This Perspective discusses the potential exploitation of genetic variation in cattle infectivity, in addition to resistance, to ...
  • Impact of genetic selection for increased cattle resistance to bovine tuberculosis on disease transmission dynamics 

    Raphaka K; Sanchez-Molano E; Tsairidou S; Anacleto O; Glass EJ; Woolliams JA; Doeschl-Wilson A; Banos G (2018)
    Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) poses a challenge to animal health and welfare worldwide. Presence of genetic variation in host resistance to bTB infection makes the trait amenable to improvement with genetic selection. Genetic ...