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  • Modeling European ruminant production systems: facing the challenges of climate change 

    Kipling RP; Bannick A; Bellocchi G; Dalgaard T; Fox NJ; Hutchings NJ; Kjeldsen C; Lacetera N; Sinabell F; Topp CFE; van Oijen M; Scollan ND (2016)
    Ruminant production systems are important producers of food, support rural communities and culture, and help to maintain a range of ecosystem services including the sequestering of carbon in grassland soils. However, ...
  • Use of a coupled soil-root-leaf model to optimise phosphate fertiliser use efficiency in barley 

    Heppell J; Payvandi S; Talboys P; Zygalakis KC; Langton D; Sylvester-Bradley R; Edwards AC; Walker R; Withers P; Jones DL; Roose T (2016)
    Aims Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient necessary for maintaining crop growth, however, it’s often used inefficiently within agroecosystems, driving industry to find new ways to deliver P to crops sustainably.We aim ...
  • Trade-offs between economic and environmental impacts of introducing legumes into cropping systems 

    Reckling M; Bergkvist G; Watson CA; Stoddard FL; Zander PM; Walker RL; Pristeri A; Toncea I; Bachinger J (2016)
    Europe's agriculture is highly specialized, dependent on external inputs and responsible for negative environmental impacts. Legume crops are grown on less than 2% of the arable land and more than 70% of the demand for ...
  • Linking bone development on the caudal aspect of the distal phalanx with lameness during life 

    Newsome R; Green MJ; Bell NJ; Chagunda MGG; Mason CS; Rutland CS; Sturrock CJ; Whay HR; Huxley JN (2016)
    Claw horn disruption lesions (CHDL; sole hemorrhage,sole ulcer, and white line disease) cause a large proportion of lameness in dairy cattle, yet their etiopathogenesis remains poorly understood. Untreated CHDL may be ...
  • Exploring the variability of the sheep lung microbiota 

    Glendinning L; Wright S; Pollock J; Tennant P; Collie D; McLachlan G (2016)
    Sequencing technologies have recently facilitated the characterisation of bacterial communities present in lungs during health and disease. However, there is currently a dearth of information concerning the variability of ...

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