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  • Reducing the consumer attitude-behaviour gap in animal welfare: the potential role of 'nudges' 

    Vigors B (2018)
    Citizen concern for the welfare of farm animals is well documented. However, there is a notable gap between people saying they want improved farm animal welfare and how they actually behave as a consumer. This is known as ...
  • Not one Brexit: how local context and social processes influence policy analysis 

    Ge J; Polhill JG; Matthews KB; Miller DG; Spencer M (2018)
    This paper develops an empirical agent-based model to assess the impacts of Brexit on Scottish cattle farms. We first identify several trends and processes among Scottish cattle farms that were ongoing before Brexit: the ...
  • Can we breed cattle for lower bovine TB infectivity? 

    Tsairidou S; Allen A; Banos G; Coffey MP; Anacleto O; Byrne AW; Skuce RA; Glass EJ; Woolliams JA; Doeschl-Wilson AB (2018)
    Host resistance and infectivity are genetic traits affecting infectious disease transmission. This Perspective discusses the potential exploitation of genetic variation in cattle infectivity, in addition to resistance, to ...
  • The equine gastrointestinal microbiome: impacts of age and obesity 

    Morrison PK; Newbold CJ; Jones E; Worgan HJ; Grove-White DH; Dugdale AH; Barfoot C; Harris PA; Argo CMcG (2018)
    Gastrointestinal microbial communities are increasingly being implicated in host susceptibilities to nutritional/metabolic diseases; such conditions are more prevalent in obese and/or older horses. This controlled study ...
  • Farmer perceptions of pig aggression compared to animal-based measures of fight outcome 

    Peden RSE; Camerlink I; Boyle LA; Akaichi F; Turner SP (2019)
    Several animal welfare issues persist in practice despite extensive research which has been linked to the unwillingness of stakeholders to make changes. For example, most farmers do not perceive pig aggression to be a ...

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