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  • Impacts of farmers' management styles on income and labour under alternative extensive land use scenarios 

    Morgan-Davies C; Wilson R; Waterhouse A (2017)
    High Nature Value farming systems cover a large proportion of the agricultural land in marginal and mountain areas of Europe. These large areas face environmental, economic and social challenges and formulating policies ...
  • Face-based perception of emotions in dairy goats 

    Bellegarde LGA; Haskell MJ; Duvaux-Ponter C; Weiss A; Boissy A; Erhard HW (2017)
    Faces of conspecifics convey information about identity, but also gaze, and attentional or emotional state. As a cognitive process, face-based emotion recognition can be subject to judgement bias. In this study we investigated ...
  • Trained-user opinion about Welfare Quality® measures and integrated scoring of dairy cattle welfare 

    de Graaf S; Ampe B; Winckler C; Radeski M; Mounier L; Kirchner MK; Haskell MJ; van Eerdenburg FJCM; Boyer des Roches A; Andreasen SN; Bijttebier J; Lauwers L; Verbeke W; Tuyttens FAM (2017)
    The Welfare Quality® (WQ) protocol for on-farm dairy cattle welfare assessment describes 27 measures and a step-wise method to integrate values for these measures into 12 criteria scores, grouped further into four principle ...
  • Impacts of 120 years of fertilizer addition on a temperate grassland ecosystem 

    Kidd J; Manning P; Simkin J; Peacock S; Stockdale E (2017)
    The widespread application of fertilizers has greatly influenced many processes and properties of agroecosystems, and agricultural fertilization is expected to increase even further in the future. To date, most research ...
  • Use of questionnaire-based data to assess dog personality 

    Wiener P; Haskell MJ (2016)
    The study of dog personality is of general academic interest and also has applications for the management of both working dogs and pets. However, acquiring direct behavioral assessments of large numbers of animals is ...

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