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  • Infectious canine hepatitis in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in wildlife rescue centres in the UK 

    Walker D; Abbondati E; Cox AL; Mitchell GBB; Pizzi R; Sharp CP; Philbey AW (2016)
    Outbreaks of infectious canine hepatitis are described in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) at two wildlife rescue centres in the UK. Disease occurred in two-month-old to four-month-old juvenile foxes, which were held in small ...
  • The identification of potential behavioural indicators of pain in periparturient sows 

    Ison SH; Jarvis S; Rutherford KMD (2016)
    Periparturient pain is a welfare concern and could contribute to piglet losses. This has led to studies investigating post-farrowing analgesia. A clear reduction in pain has not been demonstrated, partly due to a lack of ...
  • Exposure to viral and bacterial pathogens among Soay sheep (Ovis aries) of the St Kilda archipelago 

    Graham AL; Nussey DH; Lloyd-Smith JO; Longbottom D; Maley M; Pemberton JM; Pilkington JG; Prager KC; Smith L; Watt KA; Wilson K; McNeilly TN; Brulisauer F (2016)
    We assessed evidence of exposure to viruses and bacteria in an unmanaged and long-isolated population of Soay sheep (Ovis aries) inhabiting Hirta, in the St Kilda archipelago, 65 km west of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides ...
  • Challenges and priorities for modelling livestock health and pathogens in the context of climate change 

    Ozkan S; Vitali A; Lacetera N; Amon B; Bannink A; Bartley DJ; Blanco-Penedo I; de Haas Y; Dufrasne I; Elliott J; Eory V; Fox NJ; Garnsworthy PC; Gengler N; Hammami H; Kyriazakis I; Leclere D; Lessire F; MacLeod M; Robinson TP; Ruete A; Sandars DL; Shrestha S; Stott AW; Twardy S; Vanrobays M-L; Vosough Ahmadi B; Weindl I; Wheelhouse N; Williams AG; Williams HW; Wilson AJ; Ostergaard S; Kipling RP (2016)
    Climate change has the potential to impair livestock health, with consequences for animal welfare, productivity, greenhouse gas emissions, and human livelihoods and health. Modelling has an important role in assessing the ...
  • Results of an international phosphorus digestibility ring test with broiler chickens 

    Rodehutscord M; Adeola O; Angel R; Bikker P; Delezie E; Dozier III WA; Umar Faruk M; Francesch M; Kwakernaak C; Narcy A; Nyachoti CM; Olukosi OA; Preynat A; Renouf B; Saiz del Barrio A; Schedle K; Siegert W; Steenfeldt S; van Krimpen MM; Waititu SM; Witzig M (2016)

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